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Submit Your Bronco Foundation Fundraiser Request 

If your organization is planning a fundraiser where revenue will be deposited into your Foundation account, we require that you fill out our online request form (located HERE) at least one month prior to your event. 

We Are Here to Help

     The Bronco Foundation proudly supports our many booster groups on campus, from football to band to robotics, and everything in between.  Besides providing funding for worthy  requests via our annual grant program, we are always available to provide the following for booster fundraisers:

  • Insurance coverage for the event site

  • Cash boxes and all banking 

  • Set-up and equipment to accept payments by credit card

  • Creation and tracking of online event invitations and registration

  • Decor (contact Special Ed for tablecloths)

  • A donation for silent auctions

  • Volunteers and additional manpower

     The Foundation also provides all of our booster groups with their banking, maintenance of non-profit status, tax filings, and the full service of our bookkeeper, Lynn Wampler.  Ms. Wampler maintains and oversees the finances of not only the Foundation board, but all of the booster groups as well.  On a daily basis, she does every group’s banking.  She prepares and reconciles cash boxes for all fundraisers, records and deposits all income, processes countless reimbursement and check requests, and generally maintains the office of the Foundation on campus. 

Bronco Foundation Finance Manual

Please refer to our manual (located HERE) for guidance regarding Foundation deposits, reimbursements, and fundraisers.

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