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2019-2020 FUNDING

Despite having our year cut short, we are happy to report that we were still able to provide all of the funding pledged for the 2019-20 school year. What follows is a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) list of how we distributed our money this year:


  • (11) $500 scholarships to deserving Clovis North graduating seniors

  • Full funding of the school-wide “Turn-It-In” plagiarism program, the same software used by colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

  • Annual liability and health insurance for Owen, CNEC's beloved therapy dog

  • Sponsorship and support of the Bronco College Application Day, a special day when all seniors receive personalized assistance with college applications, financial aid, and vocational and military direction

  • Assistance with payment for CNEC to utilize “NoRedInk,” an online adaptive learning tool that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills

  • Academic planners for each semester for all students grade 7-10

  • Professional development and administrative workshop fees

  • Water service for the nurse’s office

  • Funding and support for staff appreciation throughout the year, including our always popular back-to-school lunch for all staff

  • Support to all feeder schools through silent auction donations for their carnivals and welcome t-shirts for all incoming 7th graders

  • Funding of the school psychologists’ new “Calm Down Space”

  • Water bottle filling stations to be installed in the gyms

  • Grants for numerous supplemental classroom materials and teaching aids requested by teachers, including:

  • Periodic table white boards for chemistry classes

  • 3-D printer

  • Storage and sterilizing and equipment for lab goggles

  • Virtual reality headset

  • French language books and word origin dictionaries

  • Flexible classroom seating

  • Breakout EDU game kits for 9th grade English

  • Mirrored wall for choir 

  • Viola for the orchestra

  • Appliances for the Special Education CN Brew House

  • Grants to athletic teams and activities, including:

  • Science Bowl tournament player system

  • Robotics button maker and supplies

  • Cheer signs for pep and cheer to use at sporting events

  • Uniforms for the Unified Basketball team

  • Swim fins

  • Water polo game pool markers

  • Girls soccer team bags

  • Boys Volleyball Acu-Spike system

  • Baseball radar platform

  • Track and Field high jump standards

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